Insulation types


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    alisa hagemann

    I literally just got out of the exam for PPD. I would say NO do not waste time memorizing anything specific about insulation!

    It was more generalized than I expected. Like, in general, what type of insulation you use is dependent on what type of wall system you have. For example, a stud system you are may use batt, a cmu/ masonry system you are going to use board, rigid. To minimize space, spray foam...along those lines...not like use an xps  or a EPS board system' no, I do not believe they will be that specific on. My advice would be know why you would used board, vs batt, vs spray, that sort of thing and move on to vapor barriers and building orientation, etc. Don't memorize they chemical compositions or anything like that! 

    Good luck to you! 

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