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    Juan Fable

    Hi Andrew,

    For AIA contracts do you feel the need to study all of the contracts? Besides from the A101, B101? - lectures from Schiff Hardin? Do you feel the need to understand all the AIA contracts (SPs? besides from the regular ones such as A101, B101? 

    And how about the indirect expenses, direct expenses? Was wondering if this test is heavy on calculations for profit/direct labor


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    Andrew Miller

    Hey Juan,

    I only studied the B101, C401, and a review of B201 general conditions, and that seemed to be enough for my test questions. I think you need to understand who is responsible for what and how the contract law applies, as the questions seem to be about certain situations. I did listen to the Schiff Hardin B101 lecture, but I also marked up printed copies of the contracts.

    Yes, know direct/ indirect expenses, Utilization rate, net operating revenue, overhead rate, break even rate, net multiplier. I didn't have any profit related questions.

    I re-read AHPP several times.

    Hopefully this helps.


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