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    David Kaplan


    I think the answer to this question really is based on how long you've been working in the field and what type of experience you have.  If you've been working for several years doing full CD's from start to finish, running projects in all phases, attending construction meetings, and are comfortable with things like building codes - I think you can potentially get away with studying "less" than others.  But, it's a bit hard to say even that.  How have you done on the other exams - pass all the first time? 

    I will say that of all the books I studied, those two you've identified definitely hit home for me.  But, don't forget about things like seismic and wind design and basic structural calculations (note the word "basic" - not sizing a truss) - I don't believe that is covered in those two books to my recollection.  I would also offer that ASC gives a good overview of MEP systems, but in terms of details, you might want to throw in a couple of other sources.

    Just my thoughts.

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