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    Michael Lawson

    I only briefly used this guide with the AHPP as a refresher after going through Kevin Griendling's guide to the AHPP. I do remember being similarly confused, but had to remind myself that it is only a guide. Those page numbers often refer to large sections to review, and while it might not be as straight forward as you would like, it would be a good idea to get a broad view of wherever they are pointing. This way, you can decipher how the guide and the text fits in with the objectives in the ARE Handbook. The guide won't tell you why what you're reading is important, so that part is all up to you and the text. 

    Good luck. 

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    Ethan O'Brien

    Thanks for the information Michael.  I did not know about the Kevin Griendling guide.  This should help!

    In case anyone needs the guide, here is the link:



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