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    Jessica Deaver

    Hi Ismael!

    The Amber Book (https://amber-book.com/) is a monthly subscription for a set of videos and an accompanying book with examples and case studies. Its expensive ($390 a month) but if you sign up with 6 other people you get a $200 dollar discount so its only $190 a month. Feel free to join our group by adding your name to the list Ben from Hyperfine started.  




    I also recommend his course https://hyperfinearchitecture.com/courses/


    Don't lose heart. Sometimes it's a luck of the draw on the test as well. I failed PDD and PPD but I'm back to studying now. Important point is that you keep going. Keep learning.


    Good Luck!  -Jes

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    Ismael Magana

    Thank You Jes! 

    I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. I know a lot of people go through these hard times in terms of failing the test, but you are right, we need to keep going. 


    I have purchased Hyperfine now, looking forward to getting over the hump!





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    Kelly Albrecht

    Jessica - Thanks for sharing the Google Drive document for Amber Books. I've added my name, hopefully these will help!

    Good luck Ismael! I'm preparing to take PDD, after failing PA and PPD recently :( I already passed the other 3 so I'm trying not to feel too discouraged!

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    Elif Bayram

    Hi Ismael,

    Sorry to hear that, I have been struggling with PPD and PDD for a while too. I think MEEB and AGS are the main books for PDD especially since you passed PPD, those should be really enough for you. Try to memorize the details at AGS and really pay attention to MEEB graphics and diagrams, hopefully you will pass soon, keep trying!

    I have also subscribed for Amber Book and Black Spectacles during this PPD/ PDD battle, but none of them are good or enough sources in my opinion. BS is not even worth my time to talk about, believe me...And Amber is weirdly structured and confuses you more than it teaches. Also it is extremely bold of them to say that it is enough to pass this tests as single source. Cause it is not! Never heard someone passing PPD/PDD just watching Amber videos. Passing rates would be 80-90% not 40-50%. I had hard time to understand the thought process of instructor, it feels like he jumps from one thing to another and comes back to the first thing after 20 minutes, it is very hard to follow especially you are not REALLY familiar with the content. Which makes the whole thing pointless right? If I already know the content that well, why would I need someone to teach me?

    Recently I joined Young Architect Bootcamp, it is not video-lecture kind of exam prep provider like others. At Bootcamp, you will meet people like you, and meet them virtually to study together. I would recommend taking a look at it. It is a great idea, to bring together people with similar struggles and let them work it out together. I haven't take PPD/PDD after joining bootcamp yet so if I pass I will post here. Also, it is very expensive so I recommend it to people as a last resort.  

     I still think sticking with Handbook Reference Materials and trying to find study groups are more helpful.

    Good luck!

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