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    Michael Lawson

    I used and liked the BS mock exams for all of the tests. They work well when you use them as a tool for your learning. I finished the exams in February, so I haven't done a mock exam in a while, and things may have changed since then. 

    That said, they were not a 1:1 likeness to the exam. The questions are easier in a way, and it generally took much less time to complete a BS mock exam than the real thing. I was completing the mock exams with hours to spare, but always coming right down to the line on the real thing. 

    For the difficulty, it came down to the way the questions were asked, and what they are looking for. BS was much more memorization, and the real thing is much more deep analysis. You really need to consider the questions in the real thing and use your best judgement to mark the right answer(s). The BS exam was more often than not just remembering what the right answer is and marking that, not having to really think about it. 

    I still liked them because I could use them to judge my performance, see where my deficiencies were, and focus study in that direction. It was nice to have the interface match the real thing as well, so I could put myself in the right mindset. This is really only effective the first few times, after that another question may as well be from Design Hacks or the Ballast 4.0 materials or anywhere else. 

    Best of luck! 

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    Francesca Redetzke

    Thanks! I found that I was finishing BS mock exams in about half the time and it was making me really nervous considering the comments I've read here. 

    I just went over the NCARB mock exam and recalibrated my approach to studying. 

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