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    Christopher Scorgie


    I do like the Black Spectacles system. I just did not utilize it to its fullest and give my self more time with it.  I took the PcM this past Saturday (8/24/19) but it was a massacre. This is the first test I have taken like this in over 20 years and it showed. If I pass, I will be shocked. 

    There are several reasons for this...

    1. I am almost 50 years old and passing the ARE is the only obstacle I have to become a partner with the firm I am with, so this got me motivated finally. I have put the ARE off for far too long for various and dumb reasons over the years.

    2. Being 25 years removed from college and good study habits has not helped in this endeavor so the odds were stacked against me on this first exam.

    3. I watched the entire 11+ hours of videos in preparation, but I now know they are broad strokes. When Mike Newman says "you really need to know the contracts", its definitely something to take to heart. HOWEVER, I did not go over the contracts well enough. The videos give good insight on where to dig deeper. My fatal flaw was I thought I knew enough from practical experience and the few weeks I devoted to studying was going to get me by. How arrogant that was.  This first exam humbled me. 

    With that said, I think if you give yourself adequate time each day, use all the resources, watch the videos and have on-hand all the most typical contracts, Black Spectacles will be useful.  I would not do what I did and put all my eggs in one basket, though.

    So, back to the drawing board as they say.  Hope that helps...good luck.



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