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    Katie Merten

    Yes, the book correlates to the videos, but there is enough explanation in the book to go it alone.  The idea of the videos is if you're a visual learner, it really helps hammer some of the concepts, but if you feel like you could go it alone without the videos, go for it!

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    Kamila Buraczynski

    Thank you! I was finding a lot of the answers to the questions in the texts I have, so I'm hoping this works :)

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    Brett Spencer

    The book is definitely helpful, but I don't think I would have passed PPD if it weren't for the videos.  The book is more of a supplement.  There are a lot of questions throughout the videos (and even separate "bonus questions" videos that total a couple of hours) that are not in the book.  These bonus videos even covered some topics that I would have NEVER thought to study that were especially helpful for the exam.

    If you get into a group of 6+, the subscription to the videos is only $100 more than the book itself (since the book is included with the subscription).  It's totally worth it in my opinion and more than covers the cost of having to retake an exam.

    My two cents! Happy to answer more questions if you have any!

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