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    Hang Cho

    Kayla !

    Welcome to the ARE World. 😊

    I am little behind from ARE 4.0 transition.

    Check these two website which you can get all you need for the exam.

    1. Young Architect (https://youngarchitect.com/)

    2. Hyperfine (https://hyperfinearchitecture.com/ppd-pdd-practice-test-review/)

    Good luck !!!

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    Kayla Harmon

    Hang Cho,

    Thank you very much, I appreciate the feedback!

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    Kristin Perry

    Hi Kayla,

    From someone who has endured multiple retakes along the way and is hopefully one exam away from licensure, I highly recommend the Amber Book video series. It is by FAR the most comprehensive, well-explained tool I've found yet. It's expensive, $190/month after the group discount (find partners to get the large group discount in the ARE community posts), but even if you don't start out with it, keep it in the back of your mind as a go-to if you find you're struggling. 

    I've also found the Black Spectacles videos helpful, but they were not the best (in my experience) for PPD and PDD. Again, these are expensive video lectures.

    I loved the Hyperfine collection! It's affordable and was worth every penny.

    Apart from those, the recommended books (if you have them or can easily borrow them) are also helpful. These two exams are so vague and yet ridiculously specific that having someone like Michael w/ Amber Book consolidate all of the material for you is super helpful and seems to be what works for me.

    Stay away from Kaplan/Brightwood. It's garbage from my experience. It's more confusing and frustrating than it is helpful. 

    Good luck!!!

    Best piece of advice - don't give up! You can do this.



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