PDD passed and got “you’re done”



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    David Montoya

    This is very motivating. Thanks for taking the time to spill out happiness along with techniques to get through the mud.  I just came back from failing PPD, but I am not down. In fact, I am eager to get it done and more motivated.  I just got these two monsters to go. Thanks again.

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    Seth Wiley


    Similar here. I just passed PDD yesterday. So I'm done with the AREs also. I got my master's professional arch degree about 12 years ago. I've been a licensed contractor, and I currently have a few small business of my own. I'm a passive house consultant. I've a CSI CDT certification. Before all that I was a sculpture fabricator and I've built sculptures which are literally in museums around the world. I have a family also. So I'm a really non-traditional candidate with a lot going on. So doing these tests was pretty hectic. But now I'm done.

    All I can say is don't stop, stay humble, and be ethical. I watched an interview with Conan O'Brien once (he's that late night USA talk show host comedian). He said that he was a complete failure when he started his career in comedy - managers wouldn't take him because he was no good, he couldn't find work, and it took him years of literally failing and learning from mistakes to make it. I think that's what it's all about. Being genuine, real, and not stopping. You fail until you pass. Failure is a necessary step. If you don't pass a test - see it as a step toward passing that test. Simple. And see what your weaknesses are and address them. And do it for a reason - a good reason, and keep your focus on that reason.

    So congrats! I hoe these comments are useful to someone else.

    Onward and forward.

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