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    Adelina Koleva (Edited )

    Hi Cristina! I am a PDD veteran in fail limbo, but I did pass the specs portion on my last exam. Here is what worked for me:

    - I made flashcards of all the technical Divisions (1-16 most importantly) getting a feel of what goes in each one and why
    - As I encountered a new building component or system during studying I made sure to check what technical Division it goes into (FBC includes the Divisions and Sections at the end of each chapter, and BCI includes it at the bottom of each page) 
    - I also got my partner to test me by naming technical Sections at random and I had to name the technical Division it belongs to
    - For Divisions 00 and 01 I read the old CDS guides and reviewed the AIA contracts. Although sample forms are *not* in the PDD reference matrix, some were *specifically* mentioned in my first exam - including B101 which I don't think (though I could be wrong) has much to do with the Project Manual directly...

    Here are my weaknesses/what I plan to do next/what I am doing for my next retake:

    - I read the NCARB monograph on specifications. It's a good overview, plus it was written by a woman who is/was on the ARE-writing committee.
    - I am planning to gain access to and read the CSI Manual of Practice. This is also *not* in the reference matrix for PDD, but it was *specifically* mentioned on my last PDD exam. I hope it will explain more details about Divisions 00 and 01.
    - Planning to generally review more of Divisions 00 and 01 in relation to cost estimation (a section I failed.)

    Hope that helps!

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    Cristina Martin

    Thanks a lot for sharing Adelina.  Best of luck to you next time!

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    Seth Wiley

    CSI manual is good for this. I've read it a couple times as I'm a CSI CDT Ceritified.

    But also I find better to simply get your hands on spec's for projects you like or are familiar with or have access to and just read the specs - with the project in mind.

    And get masterspec. The pdf is floating around online, and read that.

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