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    B 101 define Civil service should be provided by Owner, which means owner hire Civil directly and pay this.

    However, another option is Architect hire Civil, which is the additional service (B101 Chapter4.1.7)

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    David Kaplan


    That's essentially correct.  It comes down to the fact that Civil Engineering is not considered a "Basic Service" as outlined in B101.  It is an Additional Service.  You are absolutely correct however that very, very often us architects end up hiring these guys and not the owner.  In that instance, it's considered an "additional service" and it would not be an "Owner's Listed Consultant" at that point.

    I think with respect to the ARE and a question you could be asked about this, the ARE is going to reference B101 in the question, meaning you are to take what that document says and use it as your frame of reference to answer this type of question.  In other words, do NOT take into account that your office has always hired Civil directly.  Forget that for this question. If you know going into the test that Civil Engineering is not a Basic Service under B101, you should be fine. 

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    John Bellisario

    Thank you. That is very helpful, and I truly appreciate the quick responses.


    Best- J

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