Fail and lost



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    Katie Merten

    Move onto studying for a different exam and/or find all new study materials for your PA retake.  Best of luck!

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    Derek Mason

    Write down where your weak at and look at the score report. 

    I would suggest to begin to study for the PPD. The materials are some-what similar, but not exactly. See what is close to the PA and what your weak on. get to know those. 

    Also, sign up to take the PA in a couple of months. 


    Your no alone in this. I have years of experience but have been struggling with the PA. I an doing another re-take just after I do another re-take of the PPD. 


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    Carolina Quintero Duque (Edited )


    ks a lot. After talking to my boss and read the 10 tips from BS. They suggested to take all of the test one per month. Even if I don't pass I will experience and go thru the uncertainty. Any comment on this? Someone did took all of the test without having months of study? I would have to invest a lot of money but maybe is worth it

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    Derek Mason

    I think it's great that you have a supportive boss. I can't do once a month because the seats fill up too quickly. Despite me spending WAY too much money, I am going to keep taking them until I pass. However long it takes. 

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    Hang Cho

    I finished PcM,PjM,CE.

    I will use PPI Ballast study plan & Hyperfine 5weeks plan & C joseph notes & practice exam from designer hack, hyperfine & ppi with lots of flash cards @PPI. I am going to read quickly site planning and design handbook 

    Just to retake & you will pass & Keep in touch !!!😊👌👍

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