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    Susan Scarlet-Macaw

    David, I highly recommend Hyperfine architecture

    also another resource that was helpful for me

    They both have the main concepts to help you pass the exams as well as to be a better architect. If you can do the study group with AEPrep, it will help you stay focus because you meet with a group of people for an hour every week.

    Good luck, susan 

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    David Gaied

    Thank you so much Susan

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    Michael Lawson

    Black Spectacles and Design Hacks also do practice tests, with varying degrees of how helpful it may be. I found taking any and all practice tests to be really helpful for me as it forced me to consider why I thought my answer was correct, and if it was incorrect, why the actual answer is right. It really helped me analyze and think more critically about the questions. 

    For their part, the BS practice exams aren't as hard as the actual test, but they are the same length and same format, which really helps get you in the mindset of the real thing. 

    Good luck! 

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    Hang Cho (Edited )

    I finished PcM,PjM,CE.

    I will use PPI Ballast study plan & Hyperfine 5weeks plan & C joseph notes & practice exam from designer hack, hyperfine & ppi with lots of flash cards @PPI. I am going to read quickly site planning and design handbook 

    Keep in touch !!!😊

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    David Gaied

    Thanks Guys

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    Ramy Hanna

    David let me know if you need any help i m studying the same exam.

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