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    Dorisa Nelson

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're so frustrated and discouraged. Have you tried Amber Book? After failing my first exam, I decided  that I wasn't able to successfully study from books. Videos have worked much better for me and my learning style.

    Try not to feel alone for too long. I've heard of many who have failed every exam at least once and others that have passed all except for 1, which they had to take 4 times to get through. Failure is discouraging and frustrating, but it's kind of a feature of these tests. Once you get through them, you are just as qualified as someone who passed them all on the first try.

    This is a good place to vent. Anyone who has failed a test can understand your frustration.

    Also, don't let a failed test determine your destiny. Some of us are just bad at taking tests. I know I am, but I've gotten through 4 of them with the help of Amber Book. You may have failed 4 tests, but what if you only failed each of them by a couple points? If you are passionate about architecture, if you enjoy your work and you feel it's a good fit for you, keep trying.

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