Division 05 vs 09



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    Adelina Koleva

    Hi! Yes that is correct because non-structural metal framing part of an interior partition assembly goes in Division 09.

    I think if you are framing a house using cold-rolled steel channels, and they are load bearing, I think these go under Division 5. This last statement should be confirmed by someone however!

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    Yong Jae Kim

    Got it. I will confirm with someone. Thank you!

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    Seth Wiley

    Read Masterformat Section format and you'll see Div 09 (09-01 thru 09-22) is for furring and non-structural whereas Dev 05 (05-10 thru 05-54) is for metal framing and assemblies which support the building or major structural assemblies such as steel stairs - very different things...non-structural vs structural. But don't forget about cross referencing with Div's 10 & 13.

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