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    Joan NCARB (Edited )

    Hi Brandon,

    You're referring to the retake policy, not NCARB's rolling clock.  The rolling clock is the 5 year period you have to pass your exams, AFTER you pass the first one.  Consider the 5 years an "expiration date."  If you don't successfully complete all divisions of the ARE in 5 years, the exams begin to roll off.  A death in the immediate family would warrant a rolling clock extension.  

    The retake policy allows 3 tries on each division within a rolling calendar year.  If I take the division on May 1 and fail, I have until April 30 of the following year to take the division 2 more times.  If I take the division 2 more times -- once in August and once in November -- and fail both times, I then have to wait until after April 30 to take that division again.  My 3 attempts were May, August and November of that calendar year.  This is just an example, with 365 days being a calendar year.

    There is no extension or exception to the retake policy, because it's in place to maintain the security of the exam.  Your exam dates are stated in your NCARB record, so there is no applicable "trick" to the policy.  The retake policy, along with all other ARE policies, is stated in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.



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    Brandon Estes

    Understood and thank you.  I am trying to balance my three re-takes within 12 months/364 days and cutting it very close!



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