Sprinkler system design



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    David Kaplan


    In my personal testing experience, knowing the basics about what types of systems are out there and when to use them should be good enough.  I would have knowledge of wet and dry-type systems and where you might need to use each.  As well, have knowledge about the very, very basic layout of these systems - such as the components like the standpipe, branches, and heads, and I would familiarize yourself with what these things look like.  This is actually ONE area (and I stress just one) where I thought the giant MEEB book actually had some decent diagrams.  I personally felt that book was like reading the yellow pages and did not use it as a result, but, for sprinkler systems it was helpful.

    I would also know what types of other systems are out there just for special conditions: preaction, dry chemical are two.  When might you need to use those?

    I say that's it. 

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    Yong Jae Kim (Edited )

    Thank you so much!! I will take a look at diagrams in MEEB. 

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    Seth Wiley

    I found MEEB very good for this - written as well as diagrammatic information.

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