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    Scott Barber

    Hi Tasanee,

    Sorry to hear you didn't pass PDD, but glad you're sticking with it and getting back into the books! It's definitely a difficult exam, hopefully with more good preparation and your experience from the first time, you'll pass it next time!

    For detailing, I thought that Architectural Graphics Standards was a great resource. It has a lot of details and good information to accompany them. It's very dense but the graphics are great and if you can focus on specific chapters and sections it shouldn't be too overwhelming - but there's definitely info in there that you don't need to study for PDD. I also think Building Construction Illustrated could be handy. It's not as detail-heavy as AGS but still was a top 3 resource for me when studying for this exam.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

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    Adelina Koleva

    To add to what Scott said,

    In addition to BConI (great overview) and AGS (extremely useful) I also suggest adding FBC (Fundamentals of Building Construction) to your list of references.

    FBC is probably my favourite resource for exam categories 1&2 (when read in concert with AGS). It explains everything in very clear language, shows photos of actual construction which you can relate to the AGS details, and at the end of every chapter discussed the relationship of each building system to the IBC/codes ~and~ best of all, references the appropriate Master format Divisions for each component/system/material discussed. Very comprehensive and perfect for PDD study, since the ARE in my experience asks a lot of questions with overlapping information :) Good luck!

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    Tasanee Durrett



    Thank you so much for your advice and feedback. I utilized the resources that you've recommended but wished I would've put more time in studying AGS more in depth. This will be one of my goals for this next go around!



    P.S. I appreciate all that you've done in the community! Been following your posts since I started almost 2 years ago!

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    Tasanee Durrett



    Thank you so much for your advice and recommendations. I honestly have FBC and barely broke it out for PDD (I did read a few chapters for CE, weird that I overlooked this bad boy for PDD). I'm most definitely going to utilize this resource for my retake. 


    Thank you again!

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    Tasanee Durrett



    Thank you for your advice! I appreciate what you've done for the community as well! I have gained so much from your videos and books!

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    Seth Wiley

    Check out the Whole Building Design Guide, Building Science Corporation, and DoE's Building America Solutions Center for details. They all have very specific details and lots of info is you really dig.






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    Tasanee Durrett



    Thank you for sharing these links! I'll most definitely use this to my advantage!

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