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    Adelina Koleva

    Hi Yong - I think you are right. Unfortunately I don't know from personal experience, but I think this is a good question so I have been looking into it as well (especially because I failed the Project Manual exam category last time!)

    The best thing I did was to check in the actual specifications, and I found that all of the items you circled are in Division 00 of MasterFormat:

    I think that the purpose of the MasterFormat is to standardise the organisation of the Project Manual itself. I'm not 100% sure about this, because I haven't read it anywhere. But it makes a lot of sense, especially because another standard is used to organise the drawings (National CAD Standard) and the drawings themselves aren't part of the Project Manual.

    The Project Manual is also being updated and changing throughout the pre-bid or bidding phase for various reasons (RFI's, owner's requests, etc.). If its purpose is therefore to [1] complement the drawings; [2] allow the contractors to cost the project and to submit a bid; and [3] allow for changes to be made, then (assuming I am right) anything required to achieve [1]-[3] should be provided for somewhere within the MasterFormat Divisions.

    If someone with more experience could confirm my understanding, that would be very helpful!

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    Yong Jae Kim

    Thank you so much your help. If you see division 00 90 00, you will see addenda and contract modification, so there are also included in division 0.

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    Adelina Koleva

    I agree with Yong. I looked very carefully through the whole Division 00 and I found all of the items circled listed. I think this is important in the context of the exam.

    I'm fairly certain now that any changes that may occur prior to or during bidding have to have a way of being appended to the Project Manual, and so MasterFormat has provisions for this throughout Division 00. As I mentioned - RFI's, owner changes, etc. The reason I brought this up is because I got questions on the exam asking specifically about these kinds of situations and what the architect should do. I did not expect this last time because I didn't fully realize this was a part of CD Phase, and I think that's a big reason why I failed the Project Manual category but passed on Construction Drawings and Building Materials/Systems.

    I also know that it is preferable in general to have these changes made before as much as possible before initiation of contract because changes (depending on the change) will get more expensive and difficult during construction. This led me to understand much more clearly the priorities of quality control/quality assurance/TQM in developing the final CD set (the exam "simulates" quality control by checking for errors in drawings and schedules).

    Like Joseph said, bidding and contract forms do go into the Project Manual as well, in preparation for bidding procedures in the next phase. One thing I would mention is that the Handbook doesn't list the AIA Standard Forms as a testing resource for PDD, but I did actually get one or two questions specifically mentioning A102 or A201 so I would advise being generally familiar with these contracts as well.

    Good luck!

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