4 fails (PPP, PPP, CDS, PcM) First Pass, PjM!



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    Guillermo Perez


    Did you find studying all the "time frames" helped ?

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    Tyrone Bunyon


    I will share your wonderful story with my study group. 

    Do you mind posting the 'time frames' that you have noted. 

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    Abby Linley (Edited )

    Thank you Guillermo!

    I did the time frames so last minute it stressed me out a bit, and I don't think it really was a make or break with my test score, but it did give me a piece of mind that I had reviewed it and had the info in the back of my mind in case I needed it. I just went through the A201, B101, and C401 and highlighted anything that had time attached to it. And then categorized my notes by all the 3 days things, 7 day, 14, 21, 30, 60 etc. And it basically helps you understand the time sensitive items and so I would say its helpful, but wouldn't be a super important thing to focus on!


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    Abby Linley

    Thanks Tyrone!

    I don't have my notes with me anymore, but most were in the A201, a few in the B101. And I remember the ranges were:

    - 3 days

    - 7 days

    - 10 days

    - 14 days

    - 15 days

    - 21 days

    - 30 days

    - 60 days

    - 90 days

    - 120/365

    - 100%

    - 1 year from sub. completion

    - 10 years from sub. completion

    Hope that helps a little!

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    Guillermo Perez

    Writing those things out in chronological order is a good idea. I think I will try it. 

    Thank you! And Congrats again.

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    Abby Linley

    Thank you so much :)! I wish you luck!!

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    Tony Young

    Thank you this post helped me because I'm feeling really low right now after taking my fourth exam (PcM) and seeing the Fail. I have to dust myself off pick myself up. I too have test anxiety but I found myself learning to stay calm but I just get so twisted up with the way the questions are worded. Im an over thinker and it is causing me to fail. I know the information as it is presented in books but when it comes to these scenarios I get tripped on them. Thanks for this post good luck

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    Abby Linley


    I know exactly what you're going through! It's so frustrating to be working so hard and studying for so many hours and know that its the anxiety and the prior fails that make you already feel defeated before you even start the test. I would suggest just realigning your goals on the next one, to just literally try to focus on being calm. Take all the pressure off the pass/fail and just look at it like staying focused, and collected as the "PASS". I honestly didn't check my score and waited a few hours even after it was posted because I just was so happy with the feeling that I was calm I didn't want it to be ruined by a "fail" test score because in my mind I HAD "passed" the test of being calm! When I checked I was super happy to know that I passed the real test too, but honestly that mindset was what helped me and I'm hoping I can continue it going forward. Definitely listen to this podcast: https://blackspectacles.com/podcast/episode/combating-test-anxiety-are-live

    And try to incorporate some of their strategies. It helped me a lot I believe.I am rooting for you!!

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