Passed PPD! 40-60 hrs, how I studied...



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    Tomas Ortiz

    This is great, Congrats!

    I'm about to take this exam next and am curious to know what sections/chapters you studied for the Architect Studio Companion.

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    Ariel Jamison (Edited )



    I hope this reaches you before your exam! I don't have the book right in front of me as I write this, but I essentially opened the Studio Companion to its "how to use" page and then read through all the steps and any content referenced.  

    Specifically, the whole section of the HVAC Air, Air/Water, Water, ect. systems.  Read all the code sizing IBC charts for building construction type chapters.  Definitely read through the descriptions of each type of construction provided by this book.  I had a lot of questions requiring me to figure out the type of construction solely based on a description of the materials they were built with.  I reviewed the descriptions of construction type materials vs. ratings literally a few hours before my exam and that really helped solidify how to make these decisions and I'm sure it helped me in the exam. I read through the descriptions of structural systems, but I did not carefully review the structure section at all. However, I would NOT leave it out of your study topics and recommend having a good grip on advantages/disadvantages as illustrated in the graphed charts at the beginning of this chapter.  There is also a helpful chart at the beginning of the HVAC chapter as well.  

    Separate from the handbook, know how to tell what kind of voltage/electrical systems would be installed in different building types.  I didn't have SO many questions regarding this, but more than I would have expected.  Every test is different, but I was lucky to have joked around with a friend of mine who was studying to be an electrician and so I accidentally reviewed the diagrams for this more than I intended.  Payed off so I'm trying to pay it forward! 

    Lastly, I have a pretty firm grasp on acoustics.  I can't remember if this topic was covered in my exam but if you don't feel comfortable with acoustics maybe have the general strategies under your belt as well.   


    Hope that helps! 


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    Tomas Ortiz

    This helps a lot.

    Thank you!

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    Chao Liu


    Congrats on passing the exam! And thanks for sharing these great tips. This is my last week of studying before my exam.

    You mentioned "know how to tell what kind of voltage/electrical systems would be installed in different building types". I went through my books and couldn't find topics on this. I'm curious where did you find this information? 

    Thank you for your help!

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