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    Naman Garg

    Hi Yi,

    From my experience and reading other threads it ranges from 0-19 (If I remember right, that was the number).  Yes, one person passed all exams after 19 different fail attempts, simply amazing!  What I absolutely love is that the person who failed 0 times is an architect now and one who failed 19 times, and was persistent, is also an architect now.  I do not know the percentages though, it maybe somewhere on the NCARB website.

    The question that you asked is a very valid question on a lot of peoples minds and I think that the following question should be asked together to determine one's own number before calling quits. "How bad do you want it and why?"

    For anyone reading this, for myself I kept aside 5 fail attempts per category (30 in total) before I'd beat myself and question my path (question my path, not quit). Optimistic me, eh?  I think with that number I took the pressure off and was able to focus on the real deal.

    Any thoughts?


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    Yi Li

    Thanks for the insight, Naman. It makes me feel better. I guess we all just have to keep trying ! 

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