PA Study begins scheduled 8/5


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    Beatriz Santos (Edited )


    That's a lot of 3rd party material...

    I, as well as you, have passed the 3 exams you mentioned, the only 3rd party resources I've used is the PPI (Review Manual, Practice Problems, and Practice Exams) I've already taken P&A and failed, from my experience I think that PPI was not as useful on P&A since the study material is a little more broad 

    Though I think that it won't hurt to use all those 3rd party material you've listed, I suggest that you reference the resources listed in the ARE Handbook first. 

    Here's what I would be focusing on: 

    1) Building Codes Illustrated *Ch 1-7, 10 (Along with IBC 2015) 

    2) Site Planning & Design Handbook *Ch 1-4, 7-10, appendix A

    3) Sun, Wind, and Light Pages 21-190

    4) 2010 ADA Standards

    5) Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration & Reconstruction


    Best of luck!


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