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    Elif Bayram

    Hi Kelly,

    First of all congrats on passing all five divisions in a such short  time! I still have PPD and PDD to pass, couldn't achieve it the first time. I will be taking them in couple of weeks. Did you only study Ballast to pass PPD? If that is the case, congrats even more! Cause PPD was way more extensive than any other exam that I took and even reading bunch of materials from Reference matrix, I felt like an alien during the exam. 

    I did similar to what you are doing after failing both of the exams and wrote down as many context as I remember down. So far I think Architectural Graphic Standards, Fundamentals of Building Construction, Heating Cooling, Lighting, Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders are most relevant to PDD. Also, IBC commentary is a great source to understand code in my opinion. 

    Good luck!

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    Kelly Axtman



    Yeah. I first passed PcM, PjM, and CE using only Architect Exam Prep. For PA, PPD, and PDD it was too broad so I studied AEP and Ballast. Thanks for the resources, I will definitely look into those! I failed yesterday and scheduled my retake for it this morning. 


    Good Luck to you as well!

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    Scott Barber

    Hi Kelly, congrats on your success so far! I'm sure it's frustrating to fail the last one, but it sounds like you'll be ready for it next time around. 

    Personally, I didn't think that AEP and Ballast were enough for PDD and PPD - glad you had success with them for PPD at least! To me, the most important books for PPD were Architecture Graphics Standards, Building Construction Illustrated, and The Architect's Studio Companion. The ASC was without a doubt a perfect book in my mind - I've mentioned before that it covers PPD at the right scale, which as you mentioned is important for knowing what to focus on for the exams. MEEB was too detailed (a lot of people mention that one) but the diagrams can be helpful to reference. You can probably find a cheap used copy of MEEB if you think you need to study MEP diagrams more. 

    Hope that helps, good luck next time around! You got this!!

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    Kelly Axtman

    Thanks Scott. Yes it was a little frustrating but I'm excited and motivated for my retake (even the day after). I will definitely be diving into the Studio Companion and Building Construction Illustrated. The only time I use my old MEEB book from school is when we are building models here in the office. haha


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