PA Fail... 3rd time HELP!!



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    Rebecca Jacobs

    Arnulfo, I just wanted to say that I know exactly what you mean when you said it feels like you are taking a totally different test than what you studied for. I have felt the same way when I failed P&A and CE.  I felt quite deflated and discouraged. I still don't really understand why the suggested study materials don't actually prepare you better for taking the exam. I wish I had some study strategy advice for you. But good for you for moving on!! I think I get even more determined with each fail! I have passed PjM and PcM thankfully. I am now preparing for the second go around with P & A. Good luck to you! We can do this!!!! 

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    Hang Cho

    I finished PcM,PjM,CE.

    I am going to resume my study for PA scheduled 8/5 (I am a transfer from 4.0).

    I will use PPI Ballast study plan & Hyperfine 5weeks plan & C joseph notes & jenny notes & practice exam from designer hack, hyperfine & ppi with lots of flash cards @PPI. I am going to read quickly site planning and design handbook (4hrs) & problem seeking (3hrs).

    Any advice & correction will be more than welcome... please!

    Keep in touch !!!😊

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    Devin Phillips

    You're not alone in the struggle.  I failed PA three times before getting a "likely to pass" today, on my 4th try.  For my studies this time, I used Hyperfine quizzes as a guide for what materials I needed to cover on a weekly basis.  I then used NCARB's listed references and reading materials.  After I covered NCARB's references I used the Ballast review manual, practice exams and practice questions as an overview.

    I hope my experience has helped you.  My advice is to keep going!!

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