When is the much better time to joint design work with Structural Consultant ? (DC or SD)



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    Gustavo Diez-Presilla

    I would say the charrette would occurs on the programming phase, most likely before schematic and maybe taking on the early  schematic phase, I am acctually on that chapter on the AHPP and it is the case. I think that the structural consultant is crucial for the whole beginning of the whole design concept; shape, functions and aesthetics depend heavily on that 

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    Paul Carson (Edited )

    I have also read somewhere in one of the many references by NCARB, text similar to this: "...you would also want to bring the owner in on the design team as early as possible, and the most effective and efficient way is to host a Design Charrette"; of which I believe Gustavo is correct in choosing "before SD".  Now, in hoping that someone more knowledgeable about this topic will get us closer to the answer, please follow up by answering me this: "is the Design Charrette consider before the PD, during SD, or should DC be added to the 5 Phases of the Architectural Design Process?

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