Just failed PDD but felt like I did really well



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    Courtney Pickett

    I can relate. I just took PPD last Saturday and let me tell you, it wasn't my first attempt. In fact, it was my 4th attempt, so I have been studying on and off for that test for well over a year. As I was taking the test on Saturday I felt like I was crushing it! There were very few that I felt I had to guess on. As I reached the end, I was very confident that I was going to pass it this time around. Then the "preliminary fail" screen popped up. I actually had zero emotion. I just stared at it for a while. I got the fail report back and each time I take it I do worse and worse. How? No idea. I'm more knowledgeable, I have more work experience and I no longer get test anxiety after taking so many. 

    So, I'm sorry, but I don't have any other advise for you. All I can say is that you're not alone. Keep trying. You'll get it! 

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    Adam McSorley

    Thanks for the encouragement Courtney!

    Sorry to hear about so many attempts for your PPD exam - I'm sure you'll get it next time!!

    I wasn't really looking for advice - was just curious about if people had similar feelings of doing well to find only find out they failed. So, it was nice to hear I wasn't alone there. I guess that's part of what can make these tests feel so frustrating, having that thought of "well, what more do I study at this point" is disheartening to say the least.

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    Julie Brown

    I had a similar experience.... I cruised through the first four exams with Passes and minimal studying (unless you count 13 years of firm experience as part of the studying prep)... then I took PPD and PDD within a week of each other and studied for both divisions at the same time. I took PPD first, then PDD. (this was just before NCARB started offering the preliminary pass/fail feedback option) I walked out of PPD feeling like I had at least 35 questions that threw me off and it was the first exam that I was worried that I might have actually failed. My result came back as a PASS. What a relief! Then I took PDD and walked out feeling MUCH better about my performance than I had on PPD. I thought, if I felt so off about PPD and passed, then I definitely did well enough to pass PDD. ARE journey complete, all six exams in. the. bag. Right? Then I got the PDD result that I FAILED. On the last exam, on the content that we encounter the most in our jobs, I tripped right on my face. It was a huge bummer. I suddenly questioned everything. But I scheduled my retake immediately, took PDD again exactly 60 days later, and passed it the second time. All I did was brush up on the handful of items I felt uncertain about -- and I used the the 'search' tool a lot more in the case study portion once I realized that it would find words in the drawings too-- and I think it was enough to tip the percentage over the passing line. You'll get through it! Good luck. 

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    Elizabeth Jensen

    I experienced this when I took the Construction and Evaluation exam. I'd been doing CA almost exclusively at my job for roughly a year, and knew the study materials back and forth. I felt very confident taking the test and was surprised to see I had failed. Makes me wonder if my job was teaching me bad habits... :)

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    Adam McSorley

    Elizabeth, that's a really good point you hint at about learning bad habits from work experience. There have been so many times in study prep where my thought is "wait, that's how you're supposed to do that???" especially with the contract language nuances of the CE exam - ASI vs. Change Order vs. Construction Change Directive, anyone?

    And, as I stated previously, my past two years of almost exclusively doing CDs obviously didn't mean I would pass the PDD exam . There were so many people around my office that made faces, laughed, or expressed in one way or another that it doesn't make any sense that of all the tests that would be the one I'd fail, and yet....


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    Jorge Garcia

     I can Totally Relate,

    I took PPD Today and I was very confident before clicking the End test Button...maybe 85%, I was well prepared and cover most of the material, understood concepts and how to apply them... It does not make sense.. 

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