AIA Contracts Numbering System



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    Katie Merten

    Hi Oscar,

    Here's a link that should help you out:

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    Oscar Garcia

    Thank you!
    What happens is that I can understand SERIES-TYPE-DELIVERY, but I can not understand or relate SEQUENCE.
    For example: What does 3 mean in D503 Sustainable Plan? or 4 in B214 Arch Services LEED Certification? And many other Contract Forms?


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    Jennisse Schule


    I think you are overthinking this one~  :) AIA defines sequence as: The sequence is a single digit between 1 and 9, and is used to identify documents that are similar.
    It just means the number of the contract in the D50-x series.  x being the sequence number. It is just a way to number them from 1 to 9. 
    In your example, the D503 would be the third contract in the D50x series.  D502 and D503, to make up another contract number, would both be D-Miscellaneous Form 5-Guides in 0-Conventional delivery, just number 2 and 3 out of how many ever documents are in that series.
    In B214, it is the 4th contract in the B21x series of contracts. Again, just making up some contract numbers, B214 and B215 would be B-OwnerArchitect - 2-Conditions or Agreements for 1-Conventional Agreements and then numbers 4 and 5 out of how many ever documents are in that unique series.
    The other numbers have a meaning - are symbols, per se - but the sequence is just what it is, a number.  It just indicates a sequential number so one contract in the same series can be differentiated from another.  
    I hope that helps.
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    Oscar Garcia

    Thank you so much! I get it !
    OH Yes, …."I've been thinking to much ... help me" Song "Ride" by T / onePilots ....;)

    I really get scared, I have failed PJM several times, I've studied for months, my sources and references have grown a lot ... Sometimes I'm looking at too many details.

    Again, THANK YOU !


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    Jennisse Schule


    My pleasure.  I completely understand.

    But take a deep breath.  Focus on everything that you have learned; how far you have come.  Banish any memory of failure and don't let fear of future failure take over.  Every time a thought of failure pops up, just replace it with how happy you are going to be when you pass.  You have worked really hard so just think about how good it is going to feel when you pass and focus on that!

    All the best, Jennisse

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    Oscar Garcia

    Thank you! I will not stop, I have failed many times. But, the difference between failure and success is this: Make one more attempt.
    I'm jumping very high walls, language, culture, education.
    It feels like it hurts. I had to give up my job and take all the time to study, the whole day, the whole week, the whole month.
    Thank you so much! I needed to read-listen to someone who gave me strength.
    Sorry for the speech ... I needed to say it.
    Thank you, really, so much thanks !!!!


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