PA Prelim Pass - What I did, and subjects to focus on!



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    Yi Li

    congrats on the pass! 

    i was wondering if you can be more specific and give some examples on '

    • There were a lot of "when you are doing xxx for a developer, who do you contact or bring to the site"

    you mean different engineers or zoning or building code officials? 



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    Afxentis Christoforou

    Hi Yi,

    Yes to all of that. Lots of different situations where your client wants to do something to the building, whether that's a reno, an addition, demolish etc. and you need to recommend what to do first.

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    Shreya Agarwal

    Do you have recommendations on soil videos on youtube? I've tried finding good ones, but all the videos I found very extremely boring/sort of unrelated. Thanks!

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