The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice 14th Edition



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    Mollie Pelletier

    I would think either is acceptable and definitely wouldn’t fork over the money if you already have one. I also highly recommend the ARE study guides that go with these. They pinpoint which sections to read without reading the whole book. It worked for me, passed them the first try.

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    Paul Carson (Edited )

    I purchased a "Student version-13th Ed. back in grad school, and had a difficult time keeping up with classroom notes.  I did not purchase a 14th Ed. in college and DID manage but suffered/lost time.  I recently attempted to do the same with the A.R.E. prep. notes and suggested material from NCARB; and completely lost my mind.  So, I spent about 30-minutes locating a NEW 15th Ed. for just under $140.00; and since I know that I will both, need it for all (6) exams, as well use it as a "bible" for the rest of my career; BY FAR, purchasing the latest 15th Ed. is the smartest decision I have made outside of returning to take/pass these exams in my 3rd rolling window.  Hence, JUST DO IT, BUY IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.  Good luck to everyone, hope this helps.

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