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    Paul Carson

    Hi Jenny ~

    After reading your query, I searched my computer and found PP-Amber Books; however, the dates are from 2018, and I am not sure the latest and greatest.

    When I purchased them, they were for the 4.0 and labelled under "PP"; and here are the titles:

    1./ Arch acoustics 1 of 4 sound and Building Materials

    2./ Arch acoustics 2 of 4 sound and Building Materials

    3./ Arch acoustics 3 of 4 sound and Building Materials

    4./ Arch acoustics 4 of 4 Ray Tracing and Sound Reflections

    5./ How Electricity works....animated

    6./ How Sound Works (in rooms)

    7./ Metal corrosion and galvanic action

    8./ Steel connections

    ...IF these are the latest and greatest you seek, I am willing to dropbox them to you at no charge.  Check to see if these are the ones you seek?  Always here to help!


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    Jenny Guzman

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for responding! I believe the videos you have are the same ones available in YouTube. There is new content specific for the 5.0, and the videos for PCM is called ProPractice. It is very expensive. However, thank you for your help!

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