Architect Fees and Change Orders



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    David Kaplan


    I don't have the AIA General Conditions of the Contract document memorized and it's been a while, but I'm certain that it addresses this very situation.  If Change Orders result in more work for the Architect, and as you state they are not the fault of the Architect, we are absolutely entitled to a Change Order of our own for added fee. 

    Errors that are the result of OUR drawings being wrong - as in, it is clearly our fault - no, we are not entitled to a change order.  Can you imagine having that conversation with an Owner?  "Sorry, my drawings were totally wrong.  Can I have more money to pay for the fix on my end?"  :).  Good luck with that one LOL! 

    It's in there, just can't tell you exactly where!  Hope that helps.

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    Kelly Duignan

    Hi David, thanks for your response! I think it does, I actually think writing my question out helped me realize the answer.  I couldn't remember where it was referenced or if it had to do with an indemnification clause, like if the Architect does not design a stair to code (Architect's fault), they must redesign the stair to code with no additional fee.

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    Sorwute Decha-Umphai

    While I’m new here and after reading Kelly’s question and comments, it made me think, if an Architect doesn’t design a stair to code, wouldn’t the plan reviewer have caught that before granting the building permit to start construction? That’s like saying, “Crap, the City missed that during their plan review and the Architect has to deal with the consequences (more work and no compensation for additional services)....?” 

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    David Kaplan

    City plan reviewers have ZERO liability in situations like this. Their job is to check the drawings over the best they can, and yeah, they probably would catch that 19 times out of twenty. At the end of the day, they are totally immune from the situation if a code violation is discovered and the architects drawings are wrong. It's our stamp on the drawings. Period. We are expected to turn in 100% code- compliant drawings. If they miss something, it's on us, not them.

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