PDD third time failed that $&@)



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    Jian Huang

    Hey Shawn,

    I am sorry to hear it, while for myself, as a candidate who just started working on ARE wish you good luck for next try. You are very close to that point, only one exam left.  You will make it.

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    Joel Wasser

    Doing better than me. I'm on my 5th try... It is starting to become a mental health issue for me. Hopefully you pass the next one!

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    Shawn Mazur


     OMG  I can relate to your pain,  I also feel the mental health weight of this test. I have a tough time with "engineered" questions in general and I know if I had another 30 mins on this PIA of a test  I could pass it.   Time is not on our side!  

    For this next go around. I have gone back to my old ARE 4.0 Flash cards, prior practice tests, old Ballast books,  etc... as I find all the new ARE 5.0 Study materials to be less useful for this test.  

    I am also perplexed in looking at pass rates on these exams.   On average they are all @ 50%.+/-.   PDD pass rates have been declining over time as well. WTH  

     Hang in there and keep studying we can get this.  





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