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    Jennifer Schuler

    Hi Sofia, I do recall seeing how to calculate dew point in the Amber Videos, Thermal Section. Let me look back through my notes and see what I can find..

    Curious, this seems like too detailed of a question for PDD since the calculation is not provided in the NCARB recommend formulas which I assume would be under the HVAC section. Maybe NCARB or someone who has taken and passed PDD can comment if its worth spending the time to research..

    More soon. Good luck studying! 


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    Cristina Martin

    Hi Jennifer, if you have any luck finding that information on how to calculate the dew point that would be greatly appreciated as I am having trouble finding it as well.  Thanks!

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    Michael Ermann

    Sofia, Jennifer, and Cristina,

    I think you are asking how to calculate the temperature at a point inside a wall cavity (not the dew point inside a wall cavity). The formula for that is

    Temperature at a point in a wall: Toutside + [(Rvalue outside of point in wall/Rvalue total) x ΔT]

    Jennifer, you are correct: an animated explanation is in the Amber Videos (pretty sure it is in the Bonus Questions section).--Michael Ermann, Creator of the Amber Book. Good luck!

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    Cristina Martin

    Thank you Michael!

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