PDD Pass - ARE complete in 4.5 months after 20 years



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    David Kaplan

    Congrats on being done!!!!


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    Kathryn Walton (Edited )

    Thank you, David.  You've been a good mentor and asset to many on this forum - I always appreciated coming across your perspective.  People keep asking me what the next steps are.  Today I found out from my State Board (TBAE) that one of the next steps is fingerprinting, to be kept on file for cross-referencing with the DPS and the FBI.  People should want their architect to be legit from all angles, right?  This newfound requirement did leave me wondering how many other states require this prior to issuing the license (not that it affects me in the least; happy to comply).

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    David Kaplan


    Wow, definitely not my experience.  I'm in Ohio - I literally did nothing to get my license once I passed the ARE.  NCARB and the Ohio Board did all the communicating, sent me a couple emails, and finally my license got sent in the mail.  No forms to fill out, no fees to pay, no phone calls - nothing.  I guess every state is different!

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    Luberto Velez

    Similar experience. Pushing 50 in August. But moved to Texas and need to (finally) register.
    Passed Practice & Project Mngt and C&E. Scheduled P&A for late August.
    Your matrix seems very helpful and on spot, thanks!
    Enjoy Texas!

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