PJM Pass! Amber Book Highly Recommended!



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    Kelly Duignan

    Hi Ivette,

    Could you describe a little bit more about the content for PjM that the Amber Book has?  I am retaking PjM next week and am really hoping for a pass, I got the impression that the Amber Book was better suited for PPD/PDD so I kind of shied away from it, but would love to hear what you thought!

    - Kelly

  • This was my second round too. There’s a lot of content out there that may show up in one or two stupid questions. What I liked about the Amber Book is that it’s succinct. It focuses on what you Really need to understand, and forget the confusing minutiae. In this version of the exam most of my questions were focused on calculations of hours, fee, and different scenarios. Amber exercises obligates you to do Calcs which I feel were very useful It’s only 7 hours of video. I would say subscribe for a month and take PJM but also definitely take PPD or PDD on that month also if those are on your list...

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    Kelly Duignan

    Thanks Ivette.  My next exam is actually CE at the end of July.  Have you taken CE at all and/or do you think the Amber book could also be a helpful resource for that?

  • Yes, Amber is good for all divisions, in my opinion...

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    Olga Islentieva

    I just fail PjM and PcM month earlier :-(

    I did read the contracts, studied with YoungArchitectsAcademy.com, Designers Hacks and little of Black Spectacles... I really did well on practice exams ( over 85%-90%) now I am really confused ! and not even sure what to try or what to continue...Help?!

  • I totally understand your frustration. I went through the same with PDD. I did very well on the Black Spectacles practice exam but failed the actual test. The advice I got from Michael Ermann was to re-schedule as soon as allowed, watch the Amber Book videos and take the exam again... Don’t overthink it. Just try again ASAP... Keep at it!

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