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    samira sheikholeslami

    Hi, I remember Hannahan Lectures put it this way that if you see something tell the contractor and never put it in writing. if you believe that the wall framing is not strong enough to support wall mounted devices, it is not a safety issue, I think you as an architect may reject the work as it is not compliant with contact documents . I think you should not include any obvious and non obvious safety issues on your field report. I will follow to see different opinions on this! 

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    Seth Wiley

    Site safety is Contractor responsibility; if Arch notices, it should be verbally brought to the attention of the Contractor and Owner.

    Your comment on wall framing is not clearly enough worded to make a determination...

    If you BELIEVE something on Construction Observation, you should request the appropriate parties verify it is correct - Structural Engineer could confirm as-built matches documents, Contractor could confirm as-built matches specifications / submittals.

    If it ACTUALLY was built incorrectly according to the Construction Documents, Arch should reject and note in Field Report; the Contractor then has I believe 10 days to correct, after which if the Contractor does not correct, the Owner can provide a 3 day notice, after which if the Contractor still does not correct then the Owner has the right to bring in its own SubContractor in to correct it and deduct the cost of the correction work from the Contractor's Construction Contract cost total and needs to maintain the schedule.

    However, if the wall was built accurately to the Construction Documents but you nonetheless BELIEVE the framing may not be strong enough, you are in a strange situation because you are noticing a deficiency in your own work. You should have the Documents confirmed by the Structural Engineer, and verify it is built as Specified. If the framing needs to be changed due to your error, you are responsible for cost and schedule impacts - in which case you should review the Mediation > Arbitration > Litigation section of the Owner-Architect Agreement.

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