Time constraints during PPD exam same as for PA?



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    Scott Barber

    Hi Lucilla, congrats on passing! Don't worry, PPD is not as time restrictive. It seems like most people struggle with time for PA to a certain degree, but it's less common to have that issue with other exams - it definitely happens, but not as frequently as it does for PA. I think the main reason is the types of questions on PA require more time to work through. It's still good to be aware of the clock and work efficiently through the exams, but it's not as difficult to get through PPD as it is to finish PA.

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    David Kaplan


    I took PA, then PPD, then PDD.  For PA, I finished all the questions with only about 15 minutes left to go back and check any that I had flagged.  Was surprised how little time I had left and thought going into PPD and PDD it would be the same.  I was wrong.  For both those tests, somehow, I had 90 minutes leftover to go back and check all my answers.  Even took my bathroom break which I did not take for PA.  Not sure how to explain why, but for those two exams I had a lot of time leftover.

    Hopefully you will find the same.

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    Lucilla Schiraldi

    Thank you, Scott and David. That's reassuring!

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