Going to start off with PcM!


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    Jian Huang

    Hey Christopher,

    I think you can see the posts in this community to learn their strategies for PcM.

    Besides, from my own experience, you may also want to study the AIA contract B101-2017 and A201-2017, especially the scope of work of owner, architect. Some questions popping up and surprising me during the real exam are related to these contract. 

    I would also recommend PcM video course by Young Architect Academy, they lead you to go through all objectives and give you useful guide for further study. And their case studies and practice question meet up video are also very helpful. Especially the case study is kind of similar format as the real exam's.


    Finally, I would say, reciting details are important for sure. While understanding contents are more important. You need to apply your knowledge or even analyze and evaluate the situation before applying it during the exam.


    Hope it could be helpful, good luck!

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