ArchiPrep?!?? What should it cost??



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    Jian Huang

    For myself, It is Okay for me if the monthly price is less than 20 dollars for one division.

    To be more specific, I am not sure whether I can rely on it and pass the exam without reading other resources. If I do not need to buy any other materials for sure, then it could be higher than 20 dollars.

    While, obviously, I do not believe they will set the price as low as what I hope due to they have already leaned to monthly membership pricing structure. Actually, In my mind, this is a "Make More Money" structure.

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    Erik Walker

    This should be a ONE TIME PAYMENT comparable to other similar products in the market.  The Designer Hacks material around $40 per division is more than reasonable, but I think if you are starting to get towards $100 per division you are pricing yourself out of the market. The reason it should be a one-time thing is because we all have lives, and families, and friends, and responsibility outside of the profession that could impede our schedule.  If something happens like a death in the family or an accident that is going to hold people up from having time to study so it really isn't fair to force someone to study on the payment schedule and rather on their own schedule.  These products should not be designed as a 'get rich quick' scheme, and in all reality if it was a subscription you aren't likely going to make that much more money than you would by selling it as a one time price.


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    Katie Merten

    I think it should be free for AIA/Assoc AIA members.  For all others, I think it should be comparable to Designer Hacks' pricing--LOW!!  And one-time payment, not recurring.  

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