How long are the Amber videos for PPD and PDD?



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    Baraa Yakzan

    Hey Daniel, 

    The Amber videos related to the PPD & PDD are divided into 3 categories: Site, Systems, and Materials (this is not the exact naming but that's the main idea behind each category). I watched them all last month, but I unsubscribed as soon as I finished watching so I cannot give you an exact duration of the sum of these videos, but I estimate it to be around 25 hours maybe.. I hope this is helpful. 

    I haven't taken the exams yet, but I found the videos to be helpful. 

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    Daniel Corte

    Thanks Baraa! So the PPD and PDD videos are 25ish hours? Perfect. Just want to make sure I leave ample time to watch!

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    Vishwesh Panchal

    Hi Daniel,

    I don't know if you already have purchased the amber videos or looking to purchase. If you haven't purchased do you want to sign up together and get the videos at discounted price?



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    Daniel Corte

    Hi Vishwesh - I am still weighing Pluralsight vs Amber - I will let you know which direction I go!

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    Mariam Rafigh

    Hi Vishwesh. I’m looking to pair up with someone and sign up on Amber PPD and PDD videos if you’re still interested. I need to do it as soon as possible because my exam is coming up in three weeks.

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    Mike Mascaro

    Hey, I'd also like to sign up for Amber PPD and PDD (ASAP), hopefully with a partner discount any takers??

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