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    Scott Barber

    Hi Joanna, 

    Even though these are big exams, a lot of people (myself included) study for them together and take them close to each other. I studied for about 2 months and took them 2 weeks apart, which was a little aggressive but not unreasonable. Regardless of how much time you study for them, I felt like there was a lot of content overlap and it made sense to study for them together. I think it's hard to separate the content, so if you study for them separately you'll likely end up reading the same information again. Even though the level of detail for the information is different, I think it makes sense to study for it all together, understanding the 'big picture' and 'fine details' at the same time.

    I wrote a post after each exam (PDD was a little more geared towards the overall exam experience since that was my first exam I took) where you may be able to find more info. 

    Good luck, you're in the home stretch!


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    David Kaplan


    I'd also offer that I personally felt that the PPD exam had a lot of overlap with the PA exam.  I took PA first, then PPD, then PDD.  Having all the study info from PA in my head when I took PPD, I was glad to have done it that way.

    I fully agree with Scott above that studying for PPD and PDD together makes a lot of sense, and I support the "taking them close together" approach too.  I have two posts on this forum showing how I studied for both, and my PDD post shows what I did in the 10 days I had between PPD and PDD. 

    Hope this helps.

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