CE Section 2: Construction Observation


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    Abby Linley

    Hi Eduardo,

    I just received my PASS on this test from Saturday, so as far as my advice/questions for you, I would ask have you gone out on site for your job? A lot of the questions on the test on observation related topics I wouldn't have known had I not been accompanying our "CA guy" once a month the last several months. I would see if before you take this exam again, to maybe try and get out on site. 

    As far as my help, this is what I used to study:

    Week 1: Read through the AHPP sections for CE

    Week 2: Watched Black Spectacles Videos + Black Spectacles Practice Test 1

    Week 3: Read Ballast Chp. for CE + Ballast Practice Questions + Ballast Practice Test

    Week 4: Schiff Hardin Lectures on A201 and B101, G series contracts + Black Spectacles Practice Test 2

    Week 5: Black Spectacles Practice Test 3, notecards, contracts review, sample pay apps, sample field reports

    I've heard from people that taking PA, PPD or PDD before can help with some of the random concrete questions or spec related questions. I was scoring high on the practice tests, and had recently taken PjM in July so that also helped a lot with material overlap. But I would say for observations it has a lot to do with experience moreso than what you will find in a textbook. Hope that helps!


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