CM as agent VS CM as advisor


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    Peter Mall

    In both cases the owner can interview a number CM firms before hiring one. This does not have to be based solely on price, likely other factors play into the owners decision. In both cases the Work will still need to be bid out.

    1. CM as Agent is where the CM is not the constructor, they are an agent of the owner and act on their behalf. They can be involved with the project from design through commissioning. This CM may give cost and constructibility advise, but does not commit to a GMP as they are not the constructor.

    2. CM as Adviser where the CM is brought in early (usually before CDs are issued) and can advise on constructability, budget, and sometimes schedule. CMa often becomes the constructor and bids out the Work to subcontractors/trade partners. It is the CMa/CMc that commits to a GMP as they will be the constructor (ie: CM at risk).

    You are on the right track, the exam doesn't try to trick you, but you need to have an understanding of the major differences and similarities. I suggest you review those chapters in AHPP / Ballast once more. Good luck with your exam! 

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