Failed C&E today



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    Calvin Tustan

    If you go down through the forum, there are people who have passed and shared some really good study materials.


    Here is one for reference:

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    David Kesting (Edited )


    I found that the site mentioned in the above link, the one for hammer and hand is a rather difficult to read. I have posted a request for other sources of construction techniques and details and hopefully some other links are posted online soon.

    From what I have read online, it looks like having a firm grasp on the contracts is the first step and the second is a firm grasp on foundation, waterproofing, and wall section details.

    I am also using Building Construction Illustrated by Ching but I am supplementing it with Fundamentals of Building Construction by Allen & Iano.


    * update: I just bought a book mentioned from a prior comment with study tips here. You may find there study guide comments useful



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