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    Michael Lawson

    Hey Micheal, 

    That's a really good and really big question, but you're in the right place to ask. There are many different paths you can take, from going straight through as they are listed on the site, to doing them in a near-random order. Some try to get the "hard" ones out of the way first, but what is hard will depend on you and your abilities. Take a look around this forum and look at those posts that talk about successes and failures to get an idea about the challenges ahead.

    For structural specific questions, you actually won't find much on these exams. PDD would have more than the others, but it is a very small percentage of the total questions that you could be asked. Check out the ARE Handbook to answer even more questions that might come up. 

    Good luck! 

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    Peter Mall

    The two sequences I commonly see are 1) PcM, PjM, CE then PA, PPD, PDD, and 2) PA, PPD, PDD then PcM, PjM, CE. I started with PcM, but the subject matter may more align with my professional experience than yours. Poke around the forum a little and review the ARE handbook to get a grasp on what is expected for each division. You may find PPD aligns more with your skill set and knowledge base. Good luck!

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    Amelia Kraft

    Hi Michael,

    I just finished my last exam a couple of weeks ago, phew! My biggest piece of advice on taking the ARE is being strategic about your exam order, I think you are wise to ask. I took PA, PPD, PDD, CE, PcM and PjM. The only change I would make would be to take PjM before PcM, but other than that I highly recommend this order. I think it absolutely makes the most sense in terms of cumulative knowledge and taking advantage of content overlap.

    PA isn't super heavy on structural except in terms of soils knowledge and overall systems, but I think it's a good place to start. PPD and PDD get more into formulas. Generally I don't think there is a major structural focus on any of the exams, but I'm sure your experience will give you a good foundation throughout.

    Good Luck!

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    Micheal Green

    Thank you all for the input and wish me luck. Also, good luck to all that haven't finished the exams as well!

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