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    Kaveh Namazyfard (Edited )

    1) primary switch 2) transformer 3) meter 4) service switch??? how is service switch different than primary ( this is for a very large building) i guess mid size wouldn't have the primary switch? 

    does NCARB take the weekends off or the forum is just dead, cmon ppl seems like arecoach is more active 

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    Kathryn Thiele


    You should use Architects Studio Companion as a bible. The chapter on configuring and sizing mechanical and electrical services for buildings (page 189) diagrams this well.

    Large Buildings: Meters --> Transformer vault --> Switchgear room --> Electrical Closets --> Local Circuits

    Medium Buildings: Meters --> Switchgear and Transformer room --> Panels or Electrical Closets --> Local Circuits 


    Medium Buildings: Meters --> Outdoor pad mounted Transformer --> Panels or Electrical Closets --> Local Circuits 

    Small Buildings: Transformer --> Meters -->  Panels --> Local Circuits 


    I recommend utilizing the ARE Facebook group You may get quicker, quality responses on there. Michael Riscica from YoungArchitect has activated this portal for emerging professionals to communicate easier with each other. I'd also HIGHLY recommend his Bootcamp. Best of luck!

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