Case Studies - Illegible



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    Mariam Rafigh

    It’s pretty sad that instead of testing knowledge of Architecture, the bulk of the exam is testing one’s psychy, and how much they can withstand their anxiety level and race against time.

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    Arthur Molinari

    Well, even though I agree with you both, what they don’t teach you in school or when studying for the ARE is how to be tough and make your skin leather. Situations like this make us stronger and ultimately better Architects.

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    Jennifer Schuler

    I completely agree, Ana. I have tried to write NCARB about these issues for months and have received zero response. I strongly believe putting forth an exam with illegible drawings, incomplete sentences or utilizing words which simply do not make sense is not right and really shouldn't be allowed. One would think a national accreditation agency would have quality control measures put in place to correct and avoid these sorts of issues before releasing them to test takers. 

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