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    David Kaplan


    This type of question seems to come up a lot, and I think it's worth taking a stance here.  Here's my take on what I think is the correct answer to this question:

    There is in fact NOT an "NCARB definition" of net square footage, nor should any candidate go into these exams with a predetermined definition.  Instead, test takers should rely solely on the information given in the question, and if it is in fact intended that someone should remove/include toilet rooms, storage rooms, mechanical rooms, etc. from Net SF calculations, the question will in fact tell you that.  In the example above, the question has NOT told us to remove these items so therefore, their area should in fact be included in the calculation.

    Is this a correct statement?  If it's not correct, I do think it's worth clarifying.  I understand that you cannot comment on what 3rd party study sources are telling us is correct - not an issue.  But, if there IS an assumption that candidates should go into these exams with in regards to what should always be included or excluded, it would be helpful to clarify what that is.  William's question above is one that comes up a lot in the real world practice of architecture, and you can see from the IBC 2015 excerpt (which is a reference used specifically in the ARE) his valid point. 



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